Tuesday, March 1, 2011


There it is! One thesis - the product of 15 months of madness, help from friends, cooking, eating, internetting and blogging.  I handed it in about two weeks ago but I've been on holiday from my mind for a bit, and, therefore, a neglectful blogger.  Thanks so much for all the comments, insights and discussions! I wasn't aware  when I started this blog that it would become such an integral and exciting part of my research - I was surprised that anyone would want to read it, let alone engage and contribute in such inspiring ways :)

It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and now I'm floating around, loosely orbiting the world which I once inhabited, it's quite nice.

So now what?  I am having a break before starting my PhD... on free food social movements!!! I'm not sure whether to keep this blog with the same name, change the name to something more fitting or start a new blog for a fresh start - any recommendations?

If you want to read my thesis I would be happy to email it to you - just let me know.

Aroha nui!!