Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Feijoa Season!

I love feijoa season.  As a child we always had an abundance of these beautiful fruits falling from the old tree in the back garden ranging from sweet and fermenty to tart and zesty.  The tree is long gone now but somehow I still manage to be gifted bags and bags of feijoas when they're in abundance, sweetening the chill of early autumn.  I posted about feijoas last year and all the things I was doing with the skins.  The fizzy feijoa drink is my easiest and most delicious invention.  All I do is put the empty skins in a jar with a bit of brown sugar and leave them for a few days.  All the delicious flavor comes out of the skins and into the liquid which I strain off and put in a seal-able bottle and leave for another day or two before putting in the fridge.  This is a bit like making water kefir or kombucha but no culture is needed.  Feijoa skins, like grapes and plums, are naturally coated in yeasts that make them self-ferment (that's why they look frosted).  The results range from a sweet fizzy drink that my three year old loves, to a more sour cider or sparkling wine type beverage that is very drinkable and still probably quite low in alcohol (although I've never tested it).

I also intend to make feijoa ice cream by blending feijoas with cream, egg, lemon juice and agave nectar.  I tried the Rush Monroe's version of this the other day and it was divine! I was also thinking of trying feijoa curd.  Does anyone have any experiences of this?  Any other ideas for using excess feijoa bounty?