Monday, May 24, 2010

Nourishing Duck

I have found that the easiest way to find nourishing recipes online is to use the word "nourishing" as a key word in the search engine.  Earlier tonight I was asked by a friend to find recipes for duck as her partner has been duck shooting recently.  "Nourishing duck" turned up the following results:

Roast duck with sour cherry sauce 
Low carb roast duck experiment - with spice rub
Chinese duck soup with salted vegetable

 The first two appear to be blogs that are deliberately linked to Nourishing Traditions and the WAPF, the third looks like it might be a traditional Chinese recipe - but I'm no expert.  I find this method of searching for nourishing recipes to be quite fruitful.  I've never actually cooked duck, myself.  Does anyone else have any suggestions or experiences?

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  1. I do know that you sear the skin and render it down til crispy. I recommend that Chinese place kind of near the Loaded Hog. They do awesome duck. Good place to get inspiration. :D