Monday, August 23, 2010

Soup for brains

My head is currently swamped with too much everything - I've barely even cooked a meal in the last week which is quite unusual and also troubling.  The first part of B Semester is over and there's a two week break with no tutorials, so I get a break from that but not from my thesis and the due date (November 5th) is looming.  I broke out of my cooking strike today and made my favourite Thai soup: Tom kha gai, loosely adapted from this recipe.  I used free-range chicken and added in lots more veges - something my diet has been lacking lately.  I also made a start on pumpkin soup that I make with lots of fish sauce, coriander and coconut cream, but my wrist is sore from attacking the giant pumpkin, probably something I could have done better had I been very angry or frustrated at the time.

I'm currently trying to find blog posts to analyse for my thesis, but there are so many good ones it's really hard to choose.  I want to get a good selection so that I can look at a wide range of themes; personal and political, scientific and lay discourses etc...  Aside from the blogs I'm trying to get my thesis into better shape - re-organising it so that it makes more sense.  I still have a few sections that need to be written, although Sandra and Johanna have been helping me with their fantastically usable comments about women in the kitchen and food blogging and empowerment and so on.  I'm probably at a stage where I need to have a big break and let my mind compost all the information that seems to be coming at me from everywhere, but I'm starting to get anxious about deadlines so I'm going to try to get at least a passable amount of writing done.  I find that when I sit down and work I make heaps of progress...


  1. I always roast my pumpkin whole before deconstructing it for soup. Soooo much easier and adds a depth of flavour.

  2. Hi Sharon
    I was contemplating that but this was a particularly large pumpkin, I wasn't confident about putting it in the oven whole. I might try it next time I make pumpkin pie.

  3. That soup looks yum!

    It's funny how veges disappear from the diet when you get too busy or stressed ... I find that too!! (And all the conversations over at Sandra's blog have got me realising my diet's really deteriorated over the last two or three months ...)

  4. Hi Isa
    I am envious that Johanna got to meet you in the weekend. I would love to meet you both. I've had to change my pumpkin cooking as I end up with swollen hands if I chop and peel it raw.

    I think I need to write more about the voiceless and food but nothing is clear cut at the moment.

    Good luck with the home run for your thesis.

  5. Hi Sandra.
    I would love to meet you too. It's great to chat to like-minded people. I'm curious about what (who) you specifically mean by 'the voiceless'

  6. Hi Isa
    Have you been following the debate on food at The Hand Mirror? You probably don't have time, but I've referenced it in my last 2-3 posts.